Don't wait

Don’t Wait

Don’t wait till the stars align and everything is perfect in your life to be happy because that very rarely happens. Choose, yes I said choose to be happy now instead. Don’t wait for the perfect job, perfect relationship or your perfect body in order to be happy. Just be happy now and see how the everyday things in your life being to change.

Suddenly the traffic jam is not so bad as it gives you the opportunity to listen to some great music or call your family. Your car won’t start but meet some great people on your walk or bus to work.

Your happiness is not decided by your bank balance, the type of car you drive, the clothes that you ware or how many followers you have on social media. You and only you are in control of your state of mind. So for a little experiment just make a decision that you will not pin your mood or happiness on any external event but will instead decide to be happy irregardless of what life serves up for you.

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