Get your affairs in order, your debts that is

Ides Of March

Unless you are Julius Caesar you have nothing to fear about the Ides of March. Before Brutus and Cassius made March 15th infamous it was notable for several Roman religious observances. Notable of which was the feast of Anna Perenna the goddess of the year, which people commonly gathered for picnic’s, drinking and revelry.

However one of the lesser know facts about today was that it was also the deadline for settling debts. Speaking of debts how are you making out with yours? Are you settling your debts every month or are you just treading water making the minimum payments. As a homeowner, there is no better time than now to look at combining all your debts into one payment.

Some of the benefits of refinancing and consolidating your debts using your home equity is that you will get access to much lower interest rates. By paying off high interest loans and keeping them paid off you will improve your credit rating. You can apply the snowball method by using your savings from the refinance and put that towards your mortgage payments and thus become debt free so much faster. Here is a link for a great snowball calculator.

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