Daily Grind

Not the coffee and magazine shop in Halifax, which is a great place to kill some time between appointments. What I mean here is what you do on a day in day out basis. Are your daily routines helping you get ahead, tread water, or allowing you to fall further and further behind? This should not take you that long to figure out. Are you paying your bills down and saving money, just keeping up with your bills or falling behind. if you fall into the last two options, now may be time to do something about the direction you are heading.

Have you explored any and all options to increase your income? Do you know accurately how much money is coming in and out each month? Most important of all, are you willing to do what ever (legally of course) to improve your lot in life?

Assuming you answered an affirmative to the last questions, keep reading, if not no one can do it for you, come back when you are ready. What ever the endeavor, you first need a plan. By this I mean, you need to know your objective, what you want to accomplish. It must be crystal clear, and you should see yourself as already having achieved it.  Next take massive action, act as if you could never fail, in fact you can only fail if you stop trying. Notice what is working and what is not and persist until you succeed.

Actually it sounds a whole lot easier that it is. Everyday you are pulled in a thousand different directions. This mainly happens if you are living without a compelling or dominating goal in life. Keep focused on where you want to go, and everything else will come into place. Decide right now where you want to be physically, financially, spiritually or emotionally. Write out your goals as clearly and as concisely as possible, hold them in the forefront of your mind and get going.

If one of your goals involves improving your current financial state, then take some action now and contact my office right away. We will take an in-depth analysis of your current situation and help you develop a plan to eliminate all your debs as quickly as possible. I look forward to hearing from you.



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