Plan your week

Plan Ahead!

As the common expression goes ” If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. Since today is Sunday, it is the day the highly organized plan for their upcoming week. Athletes that I know call this meal prep Sunday where they prepare the meals for the upcoming week so it’s just one less thing to worry about during the week. They also plan their training for the week ahead.

Burnout is just another way of saying decision fatigue. You get to a point in your day where you are mentally spent from having made too many unplanned decisions. Steve Jobs notoriously wore the same outfit so it was one less thing that he had to decide on for his day.

Start slowly by planning what you will be wearing for the next day by laying it out the night before. I have been doing this for years and it saves a lots of time. Then if you are so adventurous plan the start of your morning. Including the time you will get up, your morning meditation or exercise routine, meal then right up till you start work.

By planning your day, it will make it easier for you to hit the objectives for your week, your month and your year. What every your objective it, plan ahead and break it down so it is more obtainable.

If your plan is to buy your next home, your dream home or refinance your current home let me know as I would love to help you reach your goal.

I look forward to hearing from you in regards to your mortgage needs.


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