Mindset of improvement

Work in progress

Let’s face it, we are all in some way or another a work in progress. Always striving to improve and better ourselves. We want to be in better shape, make more money, have a better relationship, get out of debt, learn a second language, travel the world or better yet learn more and faster.

If you believe you are the way you are and nothing can change that, you need to read Mindset by Dr Carol Dweck. We all have the capacity to grow and improve, you just have to learn the right strategies.

You want to run a marathon, start by walking, then jogging then running short distances and build up from there. The best way could be to do it for a good cause like this one.

You want to make more money, focus on being excellent at what you do now. Excellence has a way of getting noticed and getting promoted.

Want a better relationship, love yourself first then treat others how you want to be treated.

You want to get out of debt, you need YNAB. Nothing is better at helping you get in control of your money.

If learning a second language is on your list, consider starting with Duolingo. It’s great and helping me keep my french alive.

If traveling the world is on your bucket list, I would seriously wait until our current COVID-19 pandemic is behind us. In the mean time you can go to the local book store and start picking up travel guides.

This one is easy if you want learn more and faster, then stop watching tv and replace that time with reading. Start with a few pages or 15 minutes a day and go from there. Pretty soon you are reading a book a week. There is nothing better.

Now if you want to get into first home or your dream home, then I am your guy. In my 19 years of doing this I have encountered almost every type of scenario.

I look forward to hearing from you in regards to your mortgage needs.


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