Bank of Canada rate change

Bank of Canada policy announcement

At 11am Atlantic Standard Time it is widely expected that the Bank of Canada will introduce the latest change in the overnight lending rate to combat inflation. Although I am starting this post prior to the announcement, I will hold off publishing it till it actually has been announced. It is widely expected to increase by 50 basis points. If this is the case it will change the bank prime rate from 2.70 to 3.20%.

The interest rate change is the bank’s attempt to do what it can to control inflation. This is caused by the cost of every day goods rising or CPI ( Consumer Price Index). Just so you know the inflation rate in Canada hit 5.7% in February up from 5.1% in January, however still shy of 8.5% inflation rate in the United States.

So they want us as a result to go out and spend less money. This is somewhat difficult now that the price of gasoline is up 44% from last year. Not sure the BOC and the American Federal Reserve are aware that the price of gas it tied to the price of oil which is controlled by OPEC. So increasing interest rates may have little to no effect on inflation.

The goal here is by increasing interest rates, will thus dampen the demand and overall economic activity in the country. So with higher rates you are less likely to take vacations, buy a new vehicle or buy your first home or your dream home. So with less people buying new products and services the demand for those things will fall and thus taking prices with it. At least this is the hope of the central bankers.

Breaking news is that the BOC actually did it and increased the overnight rate by 50 basis points. See the details here.

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