It's a big day

Big Day!

We have “Big Day’s” throughout many stages of our lives. From our first steps, to our first day at kindergarten. They are achievements of us growing and moving forward. From our graduation to our 1st big job. They are achievements of our independence. From our marriage to the birth of our first child ( it was twins in our case). These are achievements of a loving relationship.

However if you really think about it almost any day could be a big special day in your life. It could be a simple as a great phone call with an old friend or walk in nature where you let go all the worries of the day and just enjoyed the sights and sounds or your surroundings. The trick is to not to wait for something special to occur to decide to make it a “Big Day”.

I help people create big days all the time with the financing of the purchase of their first home. Don’t just wait for these events in life to create “Big Day’s” for you. My mom who I lost to cancer in 2005 use to say that ever day above ground is a great day. Find the reasons to celebrate and smile today and to make it even better pass that smile along to someone else as it will make your day even more magical.

Today I am thankful for the smiles and waves along the trail during my morning run, the deer family that lives in our neighbourhood and the technology that makes working and studying at home possible.

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