Ripple to a Tsunami

Ripple to a Tsunami

Small problems left unchecked soon become catastrophic problems. You eat too many calories and miss too many workouts suddenly you realize that you’re overweight. Put off paying your bills too long and suddenly you wake up and your services have been cut off. Don’t let small problems go unchecked. Do something about them now while they are still manageable.

Here in Nova Scotia we are currently suffering through the Tsunami 3rd wave of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Last spring and summer when we were advised to stay home to stop the spread people listened. Now it seems that some are tired of complying with public health guidance. We have daily totals that are 5X what they were at our peak last year when most if not all people stayed home. Please for everyone’s sake please just listen and stay the hell home.

This is not an impossible task. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. Vaccines are rolling out quicker than ever and testing is happening at record levels. This is not an affront to your personal freedom’s this is necessary for the greater good. Go alone and you may go fast but together we go far.

Today I am thankful for a quiet morning to read while the rest of the house slept, my daughter working in my brother’s business doing what I did at her age and having all the amenities that one could need in our neighbourhood.

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