First Things First

First Things First

There is a reason why the flight attendants recommend that in the event of an emergency that you put your mask on first. This is because in order to help others you must first learn to help yourself. While you may think that this is contrary to how it should go, it actually makes sense.

You can’t help your loved ones financially if you yourself are in need of financial assistance. It is almost impossible to calm down a situation if you yourself are not under control. How the heck can you help those around you with their health if yours is in a state of disrepair. Do as I say an not as I do is not an answer.

Learn to take care of yourself first so then you can help those around you. Have at least 30 minutes of “me” time every day just so you can properly meet the stresses of the day. Pay yourself first from every pay cheque so you will have some for the rainy days ahead. Lastly but mostly importantly take good care of your health as we are here for a short time not a long time so do your best to make every second count.

Today I am thankful for the beautiful sunrise I saw in Halifax while walking my dog at 6am today, flexible lending policies from lenders so files can get closed and past clients with more projects.

I look forward to hearing from you in regard to your mortgage needs.


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