Little Changes

Little Changes

Little changes to your life add up to monumental improvements when looked at over a longer period time. A few years ago I adopted the habit of doing a few pushups before going to bed, I started off with doing three sets of 10 and worked up from there. Now I am able to do sets of 50 and end with a set of 100. As a result the pains that I use to get in my shoulder has permanently gone away. While I don’t think I look any different, it allows me to end each day on a high note, irregardless of what transpired during the day.

With our current price of gas hitting new records almost every day, have you changed your driving habits? Are you driving less or less aggressively as that too will lower your gas consumption. As the weather starts to warm up have you thought about cycling to work or taking the bus. There are always options to what you can do to adapt.

Did you find that during the shut downs from the pandemic that you had gained some weight, that you were watching far too much tv or were scrolling endlessly on facebook or instagram. Simple changes like going for a walk or picking up a book in stead of turning on the tv or grabbing your phone may help. You don’t have to make massive changes at the start, but just start to make some and go from there.

The same applies when you want to save for a down payment on a future home. Start by putting away 10% of your pay before spend a cent. Sooner or later this will add up and when you add to this the profession advice of a certified financial planner you will find that you can hit your target much faster that you had imagined.

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