Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants

Telling yourself or someone else not to think of a particular thing like pink elephants, chocolate cake or that big presentation with the board on Tuesday will guarantee that will be all you are able to think of. Obsessing about something in particular especially if it is a current problem or challenge will just guarantee that you will not be able to solve it.

More answers will come to you when you are relaxed and at ease than when you are stressed out thinking about something. So step away from your current issue and go for a walk or a run and clear you head. Once relaxed and at ease the answers you were stressing about will come to you. For me this is the amazing power of exercise. It is pretty hard to think about what is bothering you when you are lifting an olympic barbel or trying to set a new PR on your run.

Today I am thankful for the restorative power of a good long run, the sounds of birds while reading on my back deck and the unconditional love and loyally of my dog.

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