Helping hand

Helping Hand

We have all had times in our lives where we have lent a helping hand to friends, neighbours or even total strangers. It could be as simple as helping someone carry their groceries while they wrangle their kids, helping them move, mow their lawn, build a deck or even lend them some money.

Helping someone out is always an easy decision when they are also working with you by continuing to help themselves. I don’t mean in a quid pro quo situation as that is never a reason to help someone in the first place. However what I mean is when someone asks for help but they for what ever reason have also been unable or unwilling to help themselves then that is just a bad idea.

By continuing to help someone who will not for whatever reason help themselves is just enabling and compounding the problem. My mother tried for years to help her alcoholic brother but he would always relapse and fall off the wagon. When she passed away in 2005 he was in a dry spell but sadly that did not last for long. My private lenders are a resource to help those who are in a tricky situation and need a solution when everyone else has said no, however not every client can be helped as they must also be willing to put in the work to improve themselves. Sometimes the risk is too great even with lots of equity in a property if someone is unwilling or unable to help themselves.

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