Practice Patience

Practice Patience

Easy to say, somewhat difficult to do on a consistent basis. It’s easy to be zen and relaxed while meditating at 5am and the house is quiet. It is quite another to maintain the same level of zen stuck in stuck in rush hour traffic taking my daughter to see the parade of lights in Halifax last night.

I fully admit that I am a work in progress. However I try to improve each and every day so mistakes of the past are not repeated the following day. Instant gratification only happens in movies. So if you are stuck in traffic, shopping for Christmas on Black Friday weekend or putting in what maybe your 9th offer to purchase a home. Stay patient as things always have a way of working out.

Today I am thankful that my kids did not inherit my impatience, that the tools are readily available to help me improve in this area and anything I have stressed about in the past has always worked out.

“The enemy is the necessary condition for practicing patience.” Dalai Lama

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