School's out

School’s out

School is out for the summer, and for my girls it marks the culmination of their high school experience. Although vastly different from the high school experience that I remember. I remember school trips, school carnivals and dances and my girls had none of that thanks to Covid. Through it all they never complained and are now graduating with top marks and had their picks of which University they wanted to go to in the fall. I am so proud of them as they have worked so hard.

Now that the kids will be off for the summer, what are your plans now that we are now able to freely move about the country and other countries for that matter. If your plans were to leave the country and you don’t have your passport yet, you may want to take care of that sooner than later due to the long wait.

However some are finding the need to cut back due to rising prices of everything from gas, food, hotels and everything in between. Thankfully there is still plenty to keep people busy here in NS. Just pick up the latest doers and dreamers guide for 2022 and it will list all the festivals, carnivals, events and gatherings around NS as well as beaches and parks that make excellent day trips.

Today I am thankful for how hard my girls worked to get those top marks, my son for getting his first summer job and my wife’s creativity for always coming up with exciting things to eat for supper based on what’s left in the fridge.

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