Equal Rights

Equal Rights

I am a big believer of equal rights. I strongly feel that it should not matter if you are a man, woman, trans, bi, gay, black, white, young or old or whatever, we should all be treated fairly and equally. It is because of this I was deeply troubled by the events in the US yesterday. This is because at the core it is an equal rights issue, they are now saying that women do not have equal rights over their physical bodies and that this is now the domain of the state goverment.

Just imagine if this same logic was applied to housing. That if you did not fit a particular demographic then you would not be allowed to purchase or own a home. Yes I know that this was the case not that long ago in the US and thankfully that has now been changed. But who is to say that a very radical minority might decide to take that away as well?

I have represented clients from a diverse demographic background and all the lenders really care about is the 5’C of credit. In case you have forgotten they are as follows, character, credit, capacity, collateral and capital. There is nothing in there that says that you have be a particular gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation in order to get a mortgage or purchase a property.

At the end of the day if we can just treat others how we want to be treated then the world will be a much happier place.

Today I am thankful for a great 50K bike ride with friends this morning, a quiet house so I can get some work done and thankful that we live in Canada where my wife and daughters still have equal rights.

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