Wild Child

Wild Child

Families with more than one child often have one that causes them more work and anxiety than the others. When I was growing up this was my younger brother. Who broke both ankles jumping off a high wall when we were kids. Then got stuck in the tree with his cast on shortly thereafter. Was always the first one to jump and ask questions later. And now always has a story to tell.

In our family this honour would now fall to our middle child. Fiercely independent from the day that she arrived. Would never accept a punishment and always wanted to get her voice heard, irregardless of whether she was right or wrong.

It’s best to let the wild children get their energies out as both of these examples are widely successful. My younger brother is now a successful business man, now running the business my parents ran when we were kids. My fierce and independent daughter has been accepted to 5 universities for school next fall and has near perfect grades.

Strict rules are needed for some and guidelines are best for others. With love and support we will each find our own way. These same rules apply when looking for a mortgage. We have lenders with strict guidelines who will give you the best rates and terms and others who are more flexible that will cost a little bit more. Not everyone can be cookie cut into the same mold so it’s best to have options for everyone.

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