Diversify your banking relationships

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Warren Buffett is famous for saying this in regards to your investments, as it opens you up to greater risk. However I want to also tell you that it applies to your banking relationships as well.

We have some great banking institutions here in Canada. There are lots of great options for your personal banking, your investments, your mortgages and your commercial banking. However it’s best if they were not all with the same lender. Let me give you an example of why in regards to your mortgage.

The majority of lenders these days are securing your mortgage as a collateral charge. What this means is that they are registering the loan for the value of the property or the value + 25% depending on the market. The advantage of this is that it allows the lender to offer you a line of credit without you having to incur additional legal or appraisal fee’s. While that is convenient but what if you also have all of your savings, chequing and credit cards with the same lender and for some unforeseen reason you missed some credit card payments, because all of your lending is with the same source you could have your mortgage foreclosed upon because of a credit card default.

The solution is to make sure that your personal baking ( checking, saving & investments) are with lender ABC while your mortgage is with lender DEF, and your credit cards could be with lender XYZ. Diversify your personal banking as much as you diversify your investments.

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