Get your paperwork in order

All your ducks in a row

When you leave for a vacation do you scramble around the morning of your departure cramming suitcases and trying to think if you have everything and then invariably arrive late to the airport and almost miss your flight. I am sure there are some of you that do that but I assure you that is not the best way to go.

If you want the smoothest experience as possible it’s always best to plan ahead. That is the same way that I approach getting your financing for your property in order. For most of us this is the single biggest financial transaction in our lives. Wouldn’t you rater that it be as stress free as it can be for all involved.

The way that we do this is to work with you and gather all the pertinent documents upfront and then thoroughly review them prior to submitting them to the prospective lender. Thus allowing for your financing to get approved as quickly as possible so then you can focus on the other important things in your life.

I look forward to hearing from you in regard to your mortgage needs.



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p.s.s- I should tell you that I am licensed in Nova Scotia, Ontario(M18001555) & in British Columbia(BCFSA #504098).