Where there is a will there is always a way

How bad do you want it?

With that you should also be saying, “what are you willing to do that nobody else is willing to do” to achieve your goal? If your goal is to be fitter. Are you watching what you eat? Are you doing your workouts? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you consistent with what needs to be done?

If your goal is to some day soon move out of your parents place and buy a place of your own. Are you putting money away from every paycheque towards your down payment? Are you monitoring your credit report? Are you looking at all your expenses for ways to save some money towards your down payment? Are you paying down your debts? Are you taking extra shifts, working overtime or starting a gig on the side to make some more cash?

Where there is a will there is always a way. To help you get control of your debt and your money I highly recommend YNAB. Focus on your end result and be relentless and you will get there in no time.

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