Liar Liar

Liar, Liar

What’s the age old expression, liar liar pants on fire. Let’s face it as humans we have all told a white lie from time to time. From did you do this to who ate the last cookie. I am not suggesting that you lie, exactly the opposite I am going to show you the consequences if you do. I am going to cover three areas and how lying can effect you and those around you.

People lie to impress a potential mate or flat out lie to someone that they are in a committed relationship with. The end results of either situation are the same whereby you lose their trust and now are no longer in a relationship with them.

People lie to gain employment. They lie about past experience on their resume, hoping that nobody will notice and that if they get their foot in the door they can prove their worth and it will all work out. Companies protect themselves by screening applicants and if hired placing them on probationary periods so they can prove that they are good fit for the role and culture.

People lie to get a loan or a mortgage. In this instance it’s called fraud. People try to create their own job letters, alter their bank statements or tax forms. All this in an effort to get a loan that they would otherwise not qualify for. This is why I underwrite each file prior to sending it to the lender. Lender’s also google applicants and call each and every employer to verify information that was provided.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”. Mark Twain

Today I am thank for for my wife picking me up just after the lighting started flashing last night as I was out on a tree covered trail walking our dog, wonderful neighbours with great advice and having several “Rock Star” referral sources they know who they are. Rock on!

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