Some people say the key to success is massive action. While I think that massive action is definitely a contributing factor, I would rather think that the overwhelming attribute is consistency.

Just because you did a crossfit class this week on Tuesday does not make you fit. The same goes if you became inspired by a weekend seminar and bolted out of the gate on Monday and polished off 75 cold calls to prospective clients. You are no further ahead in both cases if you’re either too sore or too tired to do anything the following day.

It’s best if you start small, make it a daily ritual or pattern then work on adding to it with more intensity and focus as time goes on. You won’t get fit by working out intently once or burning yourself out with massive action over a short period of time. It’s more sustainable to do it consistently by starting small and repeating it every day until you achieve the target that you were aiming at. Crawl first, then walk then run. Master each step by doing it consistently and you will hit your goal in no time flat.

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