Cost of living

Cost of living

One of the biggest obvious increases in the cost of living is the drastic increases to the price of gas. This effects almost everything else around us. This is carried over to increase the cost of shipping food and almost everything we use today. The jokes about needing a loan to buy gas is not so much of a joke anymore.

So while electric vehicles seem to be the logical solution. Not everyone is is a position to purchase one nor is the infrastructure or product available for the mass market shift that we really need right now. Maybe this will be a wake up call similar to the gas crisis of the early 70’s when the major car companies then shifted toward small and more fuel efficient vehicles.

Truthfully complaining about it does not do us any good. Those of us who live in urban area’s can shift towards public transportation, biking or walking to where we need to go. I have always believed that within ever problem is the seed of a greater benefit. In this case we just have to find the silver lining as currently it is not evident.

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