Breaking Point

Breaking Point

Sooner or later our procrastination goes too far and we get to the breaking point and we finely buckle down and get the work done. The funny thing is that while doing it you realize that it wasn’t so bad after all. So if you have delayed the term paper till the absolute last minute, or filing your taxes, swapping out your winter tires, cleaning your gutters or cleaning out your house, know that the time to complete them is just a fraction of the time that you have spent procrastinating getting them done in the first place.

Chip away at tasks that you think in your mind are too large to accomplish all at once. Schedule it in your day to do a little bit at a time every day so you won’t end up pulling an all nigher the day before it’s due. I have always loved Jerry Seinfeld’s approach to this by looking at tasks as link in a chain and doing a little at a time every day without fail. That is how thing get done.

So don’t wait till it’s too late to get the important things accomplished, just start today and do a little bit at a time each and every day. Those perceived insurmountable tasks are much easier accomplished when taken small step at a time.

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