No Comparison

No Comparison

Far too many of us judge ourselves unfairly. Comparing our accomplishments or the lack thereof to others is a futile endeavour. While they may appear more fit, successful or rich, underneath it all they may have a less fulfilling relationship than you, have weaker family or social connections or have substance dependancies that nobody is aware of.

The only true comparison to your current status is your results of the past. Sometimes it is hard to tell if you are making any headway from day to day, but look back farther and look at a month, 6 months or a year ago. If you really tracked things you would realized that you have made monumental progress.

To give yourself a small taste of success, then start with something small and build it up over time. If your goal is to run 5 to 10K then start by walking if you have to and grow it from their. Similarly if your goal is to save up a down payment for a home, you could start by managing your money better with the help of YNAB then starting an aggressive savings program.

“When you compare yourself to others, you miss the miracle of who you are”. Mastin Kipp

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