Hack The Stress Test

Hack the Stress Test

With the cost of housing still increasing by the day, it is vitally important to maximize the amount that you can qualify for when applying for your mortgage. Through most of the pandemic we qualified based on the stress test rate of 5.25%. Now that we are in an interest rate increasing market we have to revert to the other side of that test which is the base rate + 2%. So with the five year discounted fixed rate now at 3.84%, that means that your qualification rate is now 5.84%.

However since the variable rates are still much lower, this may be the way to help you qualify for a little bit more. You see prime rate as of today is still 2.70%. Banks are offering about 1% off of that so you would start at 1.70%. There is many saying that it will increase by .50% tomorrow thus taking you to 3.30% for prime and about 2.30% assuming the discount remained the same. When you add 2% to this you are at 4.3% which is less than 5.25% stress test rate so that is what will be used in qualification.

If variable rates make you nervous in this high inflation market then you always have the ability to lock them in after you close on your mortgage to the 5 year fixed rate. Remember if you do that you will automatically take yourself from 2.3% to 3.84% for the remainder of your term.

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