High Tech

High Tech

There have been a lot of changes to the brokering business in the 20 years since I have been doing it. When I started in 2002 all client meetings were done in person, all applications were done on paper, all documents were collected on paper and faxed to respective lenders and client data bases were all on Excel.

When I think to what we have available today, most if not all the changes have been done over the past 2 years since the pandemic started. Meetings are conducted over zoom or similar virtual meeting programs, applications are taken via secure online portal, documents are securely uploaded, and all client data is saved in a cloud based CRM. While digital signing programs have been available for a while now, banks suddenly came on board when we could not meet our clients face to face.

While some may miss the face to face aspect, I find it has improved productivity exponentially. Prior to this I would have to drive all over the place to meet clients taking up valuable time that could be better spent processing the applications and getting files funded. A full day involved possibly 4-5 meetings tops given the drive time, now I can have double that and still have time to focus on getting the files funded and closed.

So it’s still a people business but now more than ever reliant on high tech products to make us more effective and productive. If anything this has been the silver lining to the pandemic that allowed the transition to more effective ways of doing business.

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