Cost of quality

Cost of quality

Sure it’s nice to find a deal on something you have been shopping for, but make no mistake there is no substitute for quality. An inexpensive item may do the trick for the short term, but an item of quality will last.

Two examples, I purchases a pair of Echo shoes when my wife and I were in San Francisco in 2003. These were not inexpensive but they were comfortable for lots of walking. By 2010 they had worn down to the point that there was a hole in the sole of of one of them. I heard about their lifetime warranty so I reached out them and they replaced them and am still wearing them today.

Secondly, last fall I was in need of a new set of winter tires as the last set had reached the end of their usefulness. I called around a few places and was tempted to go with a set of no name tires to save the money but decided in the end to trust my gut and get another set of Michelin’s at Costco. I am so happy that I did as my wife hit a pothole last night and blew a hole in the side of the tire. Quick call to Michelin and they provided road side assistance and then to Costco today and they replaced the tire free of charge.

So yes it sometimes does cost a bit more for quality but it more than pays for itself in the long run. This also applies when you are shopping around for your mortgage. There is so much more to consider than just the lowest rate, you want the best advise to go with it and that comes from dealing with a broker with years of experience.

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