Roll with the punches

Roll with the punches

The more we understand that nothing remains the same the happier we will be. The opportunities of yesterday may not be here today. People and situations change from day to day. We must be flexible and willing and able to roll with the punches so we can get the best of every situation.

That house you lost a bid on will lead you to a better one as long you keep trying and looking. That relationship that didn’t work out will hopefully allow you to learn and grow for a better one than that is on the horizon. It’s the same for the job you lost, learn from what happened so you can find a better one next time.

Failure is only permeant as long as you don’t get back up to fight again. Find out why it didn’t work the last time so you can do better the next time.

“Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from overcoming bad decisions” Mark Twain

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