In the past few days there have been several articles all taking about the potential upcoming downfall to the Canadian real estate market. If this is true should you be worried.

Let’s examine a few things first, the pandemic changed a lot of things about our lives and with it came the ability to work remotely and yet still be productive. As a result there have been plenty of people leaving the major centre’s and moving to the suburbs and also to other provinces to get that better quality of life and the slower pace.

The interprovincial migration coupled with the recent higher level of International migration has led to record levels of demand for housing. When you put the migration in with lower multi unit and single family housing starts this creates higher demand for the units currently available on the market. Now this year it has heated up even further with a sharp drop in the available listings on the market. So what does hit the market tends to sell for well over the listing price.

Now we circle back to the original point, should you be worried that you just paid 150K over asking to secure your home? I don’t think so and this is why, if you plan to stay in your new home for at least 10 years then any market correction combined with the paying down of your mortgage will balance out in the end. However if you are speculating and hoping to flip it for a quick profit, that may be easier said than done as homes that require a lot of work are still selling for top dollar.

Here are the stats that one of my local realtors just posted. Prior to the pandemic HRM was averaging around 3000 active listings so that means that buyers had lots of choice and homes tending to sell within 60 days which was always the normal rule of thumb. Today we have just over 200, and they are only staying on the market for up to 17 days or long enough to have the financing secured. These homes are also selling for 110% of the listing price on average. All this helps create the 15-20% gains in value that we have seen in the past two years.

When listings and or available units ( multi residential) start to increase to catch up with demand then we will start to see the market to calm down and actually get back to normal. The recent increase in mortgage rates has had no effect on cooling the market. People still need a place to live and until there are enough of them out there this will continue at least for the short term.

“A housing bubble is a run up in housing prices filed by demand, speculation and exuberance” Investopedia

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