More often than not when things don’t turn out as we have expected them to turn out we get upset, angry or disappointed. This is because we got caught up in some future picture instead of focusing on the present. Not everything turns out as planned and things don’t necessarily get resolved on our desired timelines.

The only thing that we can control is our selves and our responses to the events around us. That’s it! We can love, guide and teach our kids but ultimately they will do what they want to do. The same applies to your friends & family. So don’t “should” anyone but yourself.

I love the Buddhist philosophy on expectations whereby they say that disappointment, frustration or anger are emotions that we feel when people or events do not meet our expectations. This causes us to suffer as a result. By releasing expectations will allow us to live in the moment and realize that life is already perfect.

Today I am thankful for my Friday conversations with family, that things are much better when you release the expectations and just live in the moment and for seeing a deer walk with us ( my dog and I ) early this morning.

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