Back Tracked

Back tracked

A month ago when Nova Scotia announced the 2022 budget there was in it a proposal to increase the property taxes for non resident owners from outside of the province. It appears that this change did not sit well with people who own cottages here but don’t live in NS. It went against our overwhelming welcoming attitude that we have towards people.

While we are still in the midst of a housing crisis, that proposal did nothing to fix the problem and it’s nice to see that they have back tracked this unpopular proposal. The province needs to do more to work with municipalities to fast track approval’s so project can get approved and completed faster. That is what would help ease some of the backlog on housing.

While I never voted for him or his government, it is the mark of a good leader to see the error of your ways and then reverse course when needed. You can plan and do analysis till the cows come home but if you don’t talk with the people who will be effected then that is just a waste of time. If we all work together we can move forward with ideas and plans that may work to help solve our current housing problems.

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