Stimulus Response

Stimulus Response

Yes I know this was a scientific theory developed in the 1940’s by Clark Hull. However today I want to talk about my personal experiences with stimulus response. In layman’s terms it means that we are already pre programmed to respond to situations that life presents us in already pre defined ways. So in order for us to change our behaviours we have to recognize what sets us off so we can change how we respond.

I won’t say that I am a weekend warrior as I train every day of the week, I just schedule my longer intensity sessions on Saturday & Sunday. Saturday I normally do a 50-70K bike ride with friends and Sunday I run between 10-15K. However if I am not careful if I sit down too long at any point in the afternoon on either of those days, I very easily pass out. Now don’t get me wrong I love naps, it’s just unless I can have a full hour long one I ruin the rest of my day be being extremely cranky. So my wife’s rule for me is no more naps.

So find something that you want to change, it could be what you eat, how much you drink or watching too much tv. There is invariably a stimulus that sets you off by making the activity pretty much automatic. Once you realize what that is then it can be quite easy to change your behaviour. Once you cut out or change the stimulus it then becomes easier to change the response.

Go out with or hang out with certain friends and you drink too much, change your stimulus. Board and go to the mall or surf to Amazon/wayfair or any other online merchant and you spend too much money, then find other ways to spend your time and you will save money. I realized that I was wasting too much time on social media so I cut it out cold turkey as it wasn’t serving me. Change your stimulus and you can change your response.

Today I am thankful for the great Saturday morning ride with Marissa & Steve today, that I realized what was setting me off so I could change it and my quiet house when I got home so I could get some work done.

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