Work on your weaknesses

Work on your weaknesses

Too often people says to play to your strengths. However if you continue to do that you will never move ahead or get better. Those athletes who stood at the top of the Olympic podium over these past two weeks are well rounded in their respective sports or they would not have achieved this recent level of success.

Let’s say that you make a good living and have a comfortable life but that you’re currently renting. If you have always made good money but have not put much time or effort into saving any or managing your credit. In order to get ahead and get what you want you will have to learn to manage those things.

This is one of the reason’s I like Crossfit so much. It’s constantly varied, high intensity type of training. One day you could be maxing out your Olympic lifts and the next day you are running 5K and doing 100 chin ups. Change is constant in our lives, get outside your comfort bubble and push yourself into the unknown each and every day. This will help you grow and get better.

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