Of all the headlines coming out of the Olympics in the past few days the one that genuinely grabbed my attention had to do with an athlete displaying an olympic level of sportsmanship and selflessness. During the men’s 1000 meter long track speed skating event final, Kai Verbal from the Netherlands pulled up approaching the final crossover where the skaters change lanes. The allowed the Canadian to finish and capture the silver medal.

You maybe asking why would the reigning 1000 meter world champion in this event do that, well had he not they would have collided during the crossover as he realized that Laurent Dubreuil was going much faster, thus it would have taken them both out. During the highest level of competition demands the highest level of sportsmanship. While I am proud of Laurent for winning the silver, it never would have been possible had Kai not conceded the line for the final crossover.

How you win says more about you than just the fact that you won. It’s not always every man for himself irregardless of what happens to the competition. I don’t know about you but I would not want to win like that. A quick google search will show you countless times during a race an athlete has helped a competitor over the finish line. These are the people I would much rather read about than the look at me I won stories.

“Victory is in the quality of the competition and not the final score” Mike Marshall

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