There are many things in life that seem insurmountable when first encountered. However once you have had time to digest it, that once insurmountable task now becomes something quite achievable. This could be losing a lot of weight, getting accepted at a prestigious school, obtaining a promotion, getting your dream job, repairing a relationship or paying off a large amount of debt.

Whatever your large task is that’s in front of you, know that others have faced similar obstacles and have over come them in a short amount of time. You see that time is going to pass anyway so make the most of it and focus with laser like precision on achieving your objective. I faced what seemed like an insurmountable task last year and was able to overcome it so I know that anything is possible.

Today I am thankful for my Friday calls with family, for my neighbour getting me out for a run yesterday when I didn’t think that I could do it and for having a can do attitude for finding ways to get things done.

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