Back to normal

Back to Normal?

Whenever massive changes happen to us as individuals or as a society there is always a pull to return to the previous norm or the baseline. Take weight loss or weight gain in terms of muscle mass. Sometimes people who have undergone radical personal transformations whether through losing massive amounts of weight or gaining muscle mass often return to their previous state once the catalyst is no longer present. People get married, or divorced, get promoted and or lose a job or a thousand other things thus causing them disruptions to their previous habits and returning them to their previous state.

Now that our daily infection rates have been steadily dropping and vaccinations rates have been steadily increasing are we going to return to exactly how we have lived before? Are people going to continue to wear masks out in public or at least doing the flu season? Is the current real estate market going to return to what it was like in 2019 prior to the pandemic? As for the last question this will entirely depend on new listings coming to the market as we are currently experiencing a severe lack of supply thus causing the outrageous demand and multiple offers on almost every listing.

Only time will tell how things unfold. I suspect there will be more listing on the market but not sure if it will be enough to quell the pent up demand. As for mask wearing I am all for wearing one in crowed spaces or during flu season however most people may not want to stick out being to only one wearing one.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel, but the way out is through”. David Allen

Today I am thankful the kids going back to school, beautiful morning so my son could walk to his school and Teachers who adapted quickly to the remote learning then back to the classroom.

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