Healthy Obsessions

Healthy Obsession

Sometimes people associate the word obsession to negative behaviours or activities such as drinking, smoking, gambling or excessive shopping. However it’s possible to have healthy obsessions as well, such as personal improvement, physical fitness, career advancement, your education or success in your business.

Good healthy obsessions pull you forward towards your goals, while unhealthy ones hold you back. We have all come across those people who are driven by a higher goal or obsession and they seem to vibrate at a higher rate and just radiate energy. We all want to be around those with healthy obsessions as they will also aspire us bigger and greater things.

I was inspired to write this post as I am currently reading Grant Cardone’s book “Be obsessed or be average“. I made a commitment just over a year ago that my time away from work and family would be dedicated to reading instead of passively watching tv. So if you come across any books that you truly love then please let me know as I am always looking for my next great read.

Today I am thankful for the quote that my friend Shane shared with me that lead me to my current book, that our trip to take our girls to university in Ontario was uneventful and for our niece for coming over to help my wife wallpaper.

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