One of the greatest things about the internet age is that information travels widely and freely. However not all of it is accurate or factual. Just because there is some guy screaming to get his point across does not make it right. Check your sources with widely respected preferably peer reviewed if it is of a scientific nature.

The major social medial platforms, which are a great way to connect and share info do a poor job of making sure what is on their platforms is true. There is false or misleading info about political leaders, vaccines, celebrities and military conflicts.

Here are a few tips to help insure that what you are consuming is accurate:

  1. Is the article biased. Check and see other articles on that site all have a certain view point or only have facts supporting a particular viewpoint. If so you may not be getting the full story.
  2. Verify who wrote the article. There should be a link and a bio for the author on the bottom of the page. Make sure they are also referenced by others of similar credentials.
  3. See if the content is verified. In this day and age anyone can post whatever they want, so check to see if others sites reference back to that site and author, or check with your local library or even Wikipedia as it is peer reviewed.
  4. It is a current article. Nothing disappears online so make sure what you are reading is current. Scientific advances happen all the time and are frequently updated with newly discovered information.
  5. Lastly check the source of the information. Make sure it is a reputable website. Look at who publishes the info and see if they are a copyrighted company. Lastly even reputable newspapers have opinion articles, confirm it’s actually factual info rather than someone’s opinion.

Here is a great article from a public policy group about this very topic.

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