High Standards

High Standards

Whether personally or professionally, something that you should never ever do is to compromise your high standards. Not for friends, family, a neighbour, an old school friend or a potentially high commission. Once broken it is a slippery slope and if you do it for one then now you have to do it for everyone.

You have developed and maintained a high level of standards to a reason. You’re a professional and your reputation with your current and future clients is the life blood of your business. This is exactly how I feel and why I felt it was necessary to lose a file than have to make a concession for the standards on how I operate my business.

Today I am thankful for the good friends who have offered to help my daughter with a technical issue, an amazing handy man who came over at very short notice for some projects at our house and Sunday morning bacon for breakfast.

I look forward to hearing from you in regard to your mortgage needs.


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