I have to confess that I don’t watch a lot of TV. When I do it tends to be Hockey a documentary or a fun movie. Last night I stumbled upon CODA on Apple TV +. Mostly because I had heard that it was in the mix for an Oscar and that it was billed as an easy feel good movie that was fun to watch. This is vs Power of the dog which my wife watched and told me that it was supremely acted but very dark. While I get enough of the dark watching the news lately I didn’t really feel like investing 2 hours of my life watching it, thus leaving me angry or depressed.

This has nothing to do with Apple vs Netflix or traditional movie studio vs streaming, in my mind it is all about the perceived front runner Power of the dog with 193 wins leading up to the Oscars today vs CODA with 32. To me this is the David vs Goliath battle. It is just as similar as rooting for Canada to snag a berth in the world cup of Soccer this evening as well.

It is fun to go for the plucky underdog compared to the established player. This may be also why I get a feeling of excitement when I have been able to secure a client away from one of the big banks. A file or two does not mean much to the big five but they do matter to me. Think of it as supporting a local business vs a large chain store. All the profits stay in the community as compared to disappearing on their corporate balance sheet.

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