Ottawa tightens mortgage rules to avoid 'bubble'


I just finished reading this on the Globe and Mail site. I am putting it here because I do not agree with it. Please feel free to send me your comments.




From Thursday’s Globe and Mail

July 9, 2008 at 8:16 PM EDT



OTTAWA — The federal government is cracking down on the mortgage industry in a move that could help protect against a U.S.-style housing bubble, but will also make it tougher to borrow money to buy a home.

The Finance Department said Wednesday it will stop backing mortgages with amortization periods longer than 35 years as of Oct. 15.

It will also start demanding a down payment equal to at least 5 per cent of the home’s value, rather than guaranteeing mortgages where they buyer has borrowed the total amount.

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Why you will not see mortgage rates on this site!

At least two-dozen times a week we have people call us and ask, “What’s your rate on a 5 year fixed rate?” Most times when we try to get additional information from the potential borrower. Unfortunately, for both the caller, and us they don’t want to tell us anything. “I already know what I want, just give me a rate,” is the usual response.

Now, I’m not encouraging you not to shop-around for the best rate.

But, asking for a rate without giving more information is a bad idea. Why? Because frankly, anybody can give you any rate quote they want to over the phone, there is no way you can hold them to that rate. You see, there are two kinds of mortgage companies out there, those that are only interested in you as a loan customer and Read more

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