Changing Rates Again

Changing Rates Again

Bond yields increased again yesterday so therefor the fixed mortgage rates on which they are based also increased. If you are putting down less then 20% your 5 year fixed AAA rate is now 3.84% which is up by .05 basis points since last week. However if you are putting down 20% or more your AAA rate is now at least 4.09%.

The prime rate on the other hand is still 2.70%, and most lenders are offering discounts of prime less .90% now where last week they were offering discounts of up to prime less 1.10. So if you have a variable rate or are pre approved on a variable rate take note that the bank of Canada meets next on April 13th to announce the next change to the over night lending rate which will then change the prime rate. The prediction is that it will go up by .50% to 3.20%.

To put it in a little bit of perspective the last time that we had rates in the mid to high 3% range was in November and December of 2018. When the 5 year fixed rate got up to 3.69% for two months before going back down slowly. Then with the onset of the Pandemic in 2020 the 5 year fixed rates bottomed out at 1.79%. However bond yields are up due to inflation levels that we have not seen in 30 years and the instability of the War in Ukraine is not helping calm things down much either.

My role as your advisor is to give you the best advice so you can make a knowledgable decision about what to do about your mortgage. There are pro’s and con’s to all the options, it is best to chose the option that will allow you to comfortably sleep at night. Ask me and I will tell you the facts about the 5 year fixed vs the variable vs the short term 1 year fixed. Ask as many questions as you want as this is an important decision to make.

I look forward to hearing from you in regard to your mortgage needs.


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