Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey generally refers to stoping a bad habit quickly and suddenly. It is usually in reference to quitting smoking or drinking. Tony Robbins famously says that it is in our moments of decision that our destiny is shaped. Or as Yoda says ” Do or do not, there is no try”.

With some habits there is no shade of grey, you either do it or you don’t. So it is really up to us to decide if that habit serves us or not. If it doesn’t then it may be time to drop it and replace it with a better one. I mean that because bad habits must be replaced by something if the change is going to stick for the long term.

We live in a vacuum so if you stop watching 3 hours of tv every night, you will need to find something else to fill that same amount of time. It’s best to pick something new that will serve you instead. My dad smoked for years and whenever he tried to quit he would always pick up drinking pop or eating candy bars. Thus these new and equally destructive habits didn’t help him and he would fall back into smoking. So find something positive that will change you for the better.

I recently gave up surfing social media, yes cold turkey. I had not planed it in advance I just did it when I realized that 5 mins of scrolling would lead to 45 minutes of productivity lost and nothing learned. So I channeled that into reading more, and am now on my 10th book of the year. Find something destructive that you could switch out for something constructive.

Today I am thankful for the chocolate challah bread that my wife brought home this morning, lessons learned from reading a biography of one of the greatest minds to have ever lived and for that Etta James song stuck in my head.

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